A Twist in the Tale

If you look closely, the world always has advocated and dwelled on clichés and stereotypy. Like an Englishman loves his Fish and chips, a French his Tarte tatin, a Korean his Kimchi and an American his big fat burger- a Bengali loves his sweets.

Taking birth and growing up in a  Bengali household, automatically instills within you the archetypal  post prandial sweet cravings, those fine nitpickings between ‘norom’ (soft) Rosogolla and its ‘sponge’ avatar (our way of saying it is chewy and rubbery), and that mandatory serving of ‘jol-misti’ (sweets and water) to even the most irksome visitor at your home.

However, we do not really mind a marriage between ‘their’ Tart and ‘our’ Mihidana anymore! And why not? The results are after all, delightful.

More and more sweet shops are coming up with innovative ideas- giving the age old misti the much needed twist. While the old-schools refrain from ‘blashphemy’ of such inter-caste marriages, others have welcomed them with open arms, and love every bit of it. We can never cease loving our ‘nolen gurer sondesh’ – but how about adding a bit of swag to this stereotypy ?

Sharing with you some of the ‘atypical’ Bengali mishtis of recent times 🙂

So with the festive spirits still lingering, go grab your share….

Baked Sondesh
Mango Marzipan Sondesh, with Mihidana Drizzles
Mango Marzipan Sondesh, with Mihidana Drizzles
Gulab Jamun Mihidana Pastry
Gulab Jamun Mihidana Pastry
A Choco-Snap, with crunchy coconut filling
A Choco-Snap, with crunchy coconut filling
Mihidana Tart
Mihidana Tart
Chocolate Lava Mishti
Chocolate Lava Mishti
Choco-Kheer Roll
The much hyped Cad-mish
The much hyped Cad-mish

Devlina, in her own words, is “Just another Bengali woman proud of her Rabindrasangeet and Rosogolla roots ….. a psychiatry resident, still picking up the shells on the Freudian shore !”

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