Why Do We Love Minions ?

I love minions. I love everything about them. And so do a lot of my friends. I sometimes wonder why ? What is it about minions that make them so adorable ?
(well you must have realized by now that if you don’t share the same love for these things, you may skip the article).

Well, they are cute, sweet and adorable. But so are a lot of other things. Nah ! Must be something intrinsic that makes us go ‘Bananas’ over them.

Is it may be because of all our basic desire of having a personal minion at our disposal to attend to all our needs ? Ah what bliss ! I lie on the arm-chair as everything I call out for, is laid out before me.

Kind of like the quintessential Ramu Kaka in every Bolly movie, who has been  serving humankind ever since ‘Bollywood’ came into existence !

Or is it because of the fact that somewhere deep down we are all minions ourselves ?
Serving none but our own impossible to attain targets, aspirations and what not ? Running aren’t we all, all the time to get that life we have dreamt of about ourselves ? It’s a rat race, or rather a minion race out there where we all become our despicable greedy selves, running to attain more, still more in life, and our own targets become our evil  bosses.

But then may be, as the minions also need a boss to keep them interested in life, so do we !

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