View From the Heel-Top

I am one of those women who can walk, run, jump, skip and dance in heels. But am I comfortable in those? Hell, no!

Heels are painful. Period. There’s no denying that. Some manage to bear the pain. But if someone claims that she is ‘comfortable’ in heels, then either she is a compulsive liar, or she has some super-powers.
Oh, so should I stop listing for and buying those wicked, tempting torture units? Of course, I should. I have an entire list of why I should.
1. Doctors have written enough on how bad they are for our backs.
2. Standing at 5’7″, I am fairly tall for an Indian woman, so I don’t really need them. (Well, nobody ‘needs’ them, people just ‘want’ them).
3. They are oh, so painful.
4. They take up a lot of space in our already overflowing shoe-racks, and luggage while travelling.
5. They are, more often than not, obscenely expensive.
6. They are oh, so painful. Yes, I know I had mentioned this before but definitely needed a reiteration.
So…would I? Stop buying heels that is.
Well, of course not! I can’t!

And I have this strange intuition telling me that I am not the only one here.

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2 thoughts on “View From the Heel-Top

  1. Applause for the “heading’ again, the matter punctuated with the downright plain talk humor makes the reading tangy. I must appreciate the choice of topic.

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