Travel Wise

We humans lose most of our productivities by sleeping. Or that’s what I heard before I moved into office from college. Then it got replaced by travelling. To and fro from my workplace, in the ever so congested city roads.
A complete waste of precious time, which I could have diverted to so much more.
So I decided to make a list of how we all can make our travelling time worthwhile.
Depends on the mode of transport though.

  • Let’s take buses first. Ya so…. What to do, while standing with your bag on your shoulder? Listen to some music ? What happens when your precious headphones get torn in the rush?

Better idea. Engage in a mild discussion with your fellow passenger, who is constantly elbowing you, to gain some more space for himself. You  also need space. And if verbal arguments don’t work, you can always revert to some elbowing yourself. Totally worthwhile if you get to seat before him. Else….. Well at least you tried! And found one more way how not to do it.
Next. Engage in a conversation with the conductor, about why he charged you 2 rupees extra. Hadn’t you gone for less, in the last journey ? You should always preserve the tickets. That way you have hard evidence to show.
Third. Always get up before your stop comes. And utilize the time in trudging forward towards the door. Who knows, you may even need to jump off, and steady yourself upon landing on the road. So take hold of all your earthly possessions and prepare for the inevitable (specially so, if you re not “ladies” ).

  • What about Autos? Comparatively comfortable ride. (Except when you are on the right of the driver). Why not get your smartphone out, and discuss about that friend, who always has something to show off ?

And, there’s always Facebook. Lots of people to stalk. Where they have been the last few hours. What they had for breakfast. What they have been wearing in the last two pictures ?

We don’t need newspapers these days. Facebook takes care of all the news you may, and could, possibly want. So give it a good read. And don’t forget to like a few pictures, else who’s going to like your posts when they come? It’s all strategy.

  • Metro?
    Ok, if you are that soul, who travels by this everyday, you should immediately enroll for the next kick boxing event in town. You get enough practice everyday to make you match ready.
  • Car?
    Category 1 : You don’t have a driver. Sad. Because then, driving is kind of like the only thing you would do. Unless of course someone nudges your vehicle, and you get the chance to get down, and engage in some friendly banter.

    Category 2 : You are in the back seat.
Awesome! Enjoy life. Read the paper. Switch on the AC. Look at the world through smoked glasses. You get the golden opportunity of making the people jealous,who look down on you ( er…..from the buses that is )!


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