Sunny Side Down ?

(Due to an acute supply crisis, we are unable to procure a feature pic for this article)

No this is not about the weather. My co-author Devlina has already covered that, for some time to come atleast.
This is about business, and how a crucial decision to shift it, can make or break your career.

The biggest smirk today in India, is may be on the face of a “certain-genre-movie-star turned music-channel-host”. She now must be thanking her lucky stars and her smart intellect, that she decided to shift to Soap business. Else with the P*** (#itsbanned) industry-bubble going kaput, what would have happened to her fame and the hordes of admirers in the country ? Just Imagine !

An added advantage ? With her earlier tapes now being pretty hard to procure (no “piracy” please- oh sorry! That just became “dealing in contraband” articles) , she will now, be only known to future generations, as the Television host and Bolly movie star. Some smart move that is !!

And for those people, who are pretending that you don’t know who I am talking about- well you all can skip this and make a dash for those last remaining “shots”, before they are all gone. And no, this article does not come with her picture- though that would have caught the eye of many I am quite sure- and also brought some much needed traffic to our blog. But I don’t do banned things. Atleast, not in public. And our legal advisor Devpurna keeps a stern eye on my content.

And in other news : the college seniors now stand to make Crores, as those bricks of external hard drives containing God-knows-what, are now selling at prices higher than gold bricks.

Can’t actually blame our government – it only promised good-days (Achhe Din). But what about Good nights ? Ah ! That well known insect repellent brand can now make a killing with that marketing tagline.  And I should have been in advertising.


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