Little pleasures for the monsoon

You know, I am not really sharing some well-kept secret of the Mayan Civilization, when I say that true happiness lies in the “little pleasures” of life! 🙂 🙂 But unlike our professional selves, where we are deftly ticking off reminders and deadlines, have we ever tried to prepare our very own checklist of these little shots of happiness? Well, these days it has been raining heavily in my city, and quite expectedly I got a little carried away, and the hopeless monsoon lover that I am, a list just had to be on its way! So here goes my list of little pleasures during the season of rains:

  • 1) Khichudi, papad, dim bhaja
    (rice & lentil hotch potch with papad, and fried egg)

Perhaps a bong knows no better way of celebrating a rainy day; and for the core ones – they may just top it up with a few pieces of ilish mach bhaja! (fried hilsa)


  • 2) Muri telebhaja
    (puffed rice with batter-coated deep fried veggies)

How can a rainy evening be ever complete in a Bengali household without a bowl of “muri” and a plateful of warm “beguni” (deep fried aubergine)


  • 3) Cha/chai

Ah! Now that is quite universal – a cup of hot tea perfectly qualifies to be the answer to all our questions on a rainy day.


  • 4) A walk/drive in the rains

All of us atleast once in our lives have got drenched in the rains-and if not just give it a try- it has this cleansing “nirvana” like feel to it !


5) Just sit by the window – listen to the pitter –patter and slide onto the reflection/rumination mode for a while …

6) Make a paper boat or two

Set afloat your cherished childhood memories once again, with a paper boat on a rainy morning.

7)Listen to your favourite monsoon song

Rabindrasangeet or Bollywood- pick your choice of  monsoon song and let music do the rest for you !

So friends, why wait for the genie to pop up and fulfill our wishes and voids? Let us make our own lists and tick them off – as it is the small things that matter the most! Do share your list of “little pleasures” this monsoon.

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