A True Indian

Dreams are not what you see in sleep. They are what keep you from sleeping. …..APJ Abdul Kalam.

The man who Ignited our minds and gave us Wings of Fire, is no more. I always believed, that his becoming the President of India, was a Turning Point for our country. It was what Forged our Future.

But the true power of Kalam lies in the fact that being the President was just another one of his achievements. May be his least.

Also hailed as the missile man, he was the one who gave fuel to India’s dreams of becoming a nuclear superpower. The day in 1998, when the blasts took place, it wasn’t only the ground in Pokhran that shook.

But I idolized him for a lot more. His books give us the real insight to who, and what he was, as a person. May be he was, what our Creator had wanted us to be, but we never could.

I loved him. And why only me. He was loved unanimously by his countrymen, irrespective of caste and creed. And that speaks a lot about the man, because in India, love who you may, but it’s seldom that you love your politicians. But then was he one ?

Very few, if any would devote their life after stepping down from the President’s chair  to teaching and writing. He was in all senses what an ideal Indian citizen should be. In fact the President’s foremost role is to defend the Constitution of India. And defend he did. Like no one else. He was the epitome of what our nation has always wanted to be. What we all thought it would be.

Humility personified, he did what he loved, and what he thought should be done, taking pleasures only in such pursuits and nothing else.

And may be, that is why he left us while doing what he loved best. To teach. He indeed taught us a lot of things. The question is, did we learn ?

He is, may be, the only President of the country that I’ll truly mourn.


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