The Kaleidoscope

Remember the Kaleidoscopes we had as kids? Mine was a red plastic tube with a glass hexagon inside and a few pieces of coloured glass which beautifully arranged themselves into a new pattern each time I looked.

In college years, in my khadi-jhola-kohl phase, glass bangles used to be my favourite accessory. Now that I am out of that phase, and have gained 10 kilos and have fatter hands which no longer glide through my old bangles, they were gathering dust in the overflowing bangle tree (ok, so that’s a term I made up, but attached a picture so that you know what I am referring to).

On a lazy weekend afternoon, a childhood friend Adity came over. Somehow, we both were kind of depressed that day and a chirpy, upbeat chat about life wasn’t happening. So we decided to break things to vent out our pent up anxieties and frustrations. And we did exactly that.

We happily smashed dozens of glass bangles with a rolling pin, laughing like maniacs (by the way, we aren’t completely unhinged, so carefully put the bangles inside newspapers so that we don’t get hurt). And it was so amazingly satisfying an activity.

Then came out the Fevicol tubes and an old bottle of fruit champagne I had gifted my sister on her birthday last year. It took time, yes, but the end result was a lovely kaleidoscope of thoughts and memories of my ‘aantel’ days, the awesome birthday evening of my sister last year and how me and Adity try and make our sad days happy together.

I promptly put in some fairy lights, which happen to be my favourite decoration thingy presently. Now it stands on my chest of drawers, bathing the corner in its red-yellow-blue-green colours.


Raw Materials !

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