Lets “Cook”ie

Lets face it folks, a stereotypical, almost ritualistic mall/multiplex visit with a dash of window shopping and a pinch of binging on food and retail pretty much summarizes most of our much predictable “weekend plans” these days! Though we do have other rosier and fulfilling ideas in our heads, we have somehow succumbed willfully into this spiral .

So I finally decided to break the monotony and nudged my otherwise lazy self to enroll myself and my sister in a “Learn to make cookies workshop” the last weekend.Though I cannot particularly take pride in my baking skills, I absolutely do so when it comes to eating cookies….. So there I was – with a writing pad and an empty tiffin-box, in a choc-a-bloc workshop. It went on for some 5 and half hours and guess what, it was so much fun and delicious! I never thought that the cliché “learn something new” thing could work on me, but hell, it did!  To interact with people – some like-minded some not, some very loud while some very poised and inspiring, I enjoyed myself through it and yes, that evening when I returned home, my bag had a tiffin-box full of warm,buttery crispy cookies instead of those vat-laden bills ….!

Hot Cookies as they say
Having a Heart to Heart
The Cookies we made
The Final Spread

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