About The What’s and Who’s

Do you believe in love at first sight ? Well i kind of do (having grown up on the movies presently dished out in the country). So first impressions matter. So though this isn’t a formal sort of a blog but still certain formalities will be executed, since this is the first post. (And if u don’t believe in it, no problem, we will just keep the posts coming).

So why another blog ? Why ? What’s the use of another drop in the ocean, when global warming is already adding gallons ?!
Well, I can act egomaniacal and use  the saying ” water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink ” but I’ll play the narcissism card instead :  Facebook has become too small to exhibit our ” stories ” and so enters the blog.

But why me ? Who am I ? Well I am the filler. The joker in the pack. This blog belongs to two Ladies…. But as they take some time to get….um ready, specially if it’s a public appearance,  I have been sent in to see that the audience takes to their seats before the main event. No one likes empty seats in the auditorium.

So ladies and gentleman (I do hope the readers are in plural),  I present to you, Blong….Shong.

Why the name ? Well, it’s a Blog by the Bongs. And Since every game needs a joker, there is the Shong too.

Now time to introduce the Members of the blog

Devpurna Talapatra
Lawyer by day, the quintessential bengali dreamer by night. A foodie since toddler days and oh, an up-cycler on weekends too!
(She looks after the legal and copyright issues)

Devlina Talapatra
Just another Bengali woman proud of her Rabindrasangeet and Rosogolla roots ….. a psychiatry resident still picking up the shells on the Freudian shore !
(She looks after the well being of the blog)

And last and the least. Me
Archya Sengupta 
The trying-to-be-global bangali babu, who is attempting to carve out a niche in blogosphere, having had mixed luck in Medicine practice. In short, a struggling artist.


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